My Minds Photographer | About
Joe Lopez, a native Idahoan, is an outsider artist in the photographic world. Born in Boise, he began moving to various states with his parents at an early age, and went on to serve three years in the United States Army Infantry at Ft. Benning, GA. Lopez returned to Boise with his wife to raise their five children. Photography came to Lopez quite unexpectedly in January of 2007. Equipped with a little Sony Cybershot, he quickly grew weary of not knowing how to fully take advantage of what it could do. Experimentations followed that included shooting images of the moon using a tripod and auto settings. The result was extreme overexposed photos that led to research where he began discovering basic photo techniques. This work inspired personal creative explorations of processes that finally produced crisp, clear images. From that day on Lopez awakened to an intrinsic love of the photographic medium providing a vehicle for a passionate translation of his unique vision of the world through a camera lens.